Sunday, 30 March 2014

Gangs and Looters - Rulebook Update



"Gangs and Looters" has had it's rulebook updated to Version 3.

Full thread and info of changes at Board Game Geek.

Saturday, 29 March 2014

Fireteam Zero

Just a shout for a great looking game by Emergent Games called Fireteam Zero. This game is already funded but has a great bunch of miniatures available for it that could potentially be used for Zombicide or any type of cross over game.

At the moment, they are doing an amazing deal on a box of these for about $100 with 90+ miniatures inside.

This could be a once in a lifetime chance to get these and there is no information on how available these will be at retail. Worth jumping on the ship now I would say if you have some spare change, maybe even grab the full game if you can. You have less then 70 hours to make this happen of the boat may well have truely sailed...

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

The Operative

While looking at a Kickstart that I had backed recently ( Sentinel Tactics ), I saw one of the miniatures that they had made for the game.

What a cracking miniature and more importantly I felt it would work well on Zombicide as another character. It maybe clased as a superhero ( or supervillan ), but using it as a core figure for just fighting I think will work out just fine. Below are cards that could be used if you choose too...

...for me, it's pledge my money where my mouth is and await this game to drop!

If your into some superhero action then take a look at Sentinel Tactics - The Flames of Freedom.

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Gangs and Looters



"Gangs and Looters" has been designed from the ground up to add a new dimesnion to your gameplay while playing Zombicide.

Using core characters this ruleset adds NPC rivals in the form of gangs that you fight as well as Zombies and possibly Dogz if you have that expansion.

The new rules state that "The humans that appear as gangs and looters follow the same basic rules as the human player" which means they perform actions, they can be attacked by Zombies and they also want to kill you!!!

How is this possible ?

To make this work a Behaviour Logic Flow Chart has been created for control of the gangs.  This is following a basic Yes / No question format that decides what the next action will be for the NPC.  This is included on page four of the rulebook.

The NPC's have dashboard like ours, but these are known as Micro Dashboards.  They will need to be printing, but are all available in the three posts preceeding this one.  This includes Season 1, Season 2 - Toxic Mall and Season 2 - Prison.

The rules are hosted at Boardgame Geek as well as a PSD for making your own custom Micro Dashboard.  This can be used to vary the skills if required or add your own custom characters.

The rules and the PSD file are here:

Rules and PSD File.

Below is the printed dashboard at 100% scale to show how it fits in perfectly with current game components.

The Micro Dashboards have been put into a ZIP and are here until authorised at Board Game Geek.

Complete Set of Micro Dashboards.

For the purpose of rivial gangs, the character photo has been darkened to indicate that they are not on your side.  As the PSD is available, if that does not suit, you can make your own if required and adjust as you see fit.


The logic flow may seem a little complicated, but after a couple of goes it is natural.

This adds a whole new version of NPC that is automated and designed to cause as much trouble for the player as possible, if they were not in enough trouble as it is...

Remember, these people are no longer your friends...

Season 2 - Prison Break - Micro Dashboards

Monday, 24 March 2014

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Having just posting my ruleset for Gangs And Looters - Season 1 over at Board Game Geek, here are the cards that will need to be used, known as Micro Dashboards. This is what they look like with game parts when printed out at 100% size, a perfect fit.

Season 1 - Micro Dashboards

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Well it turns out that there has been a slight misprint on Wave 2 of Zombicide cards where the number stats are missing.

On Guillotine Games website the heroes are fine for the downloadable versions, but the zombie versions are not.

For anyone that is interested, here are the fixed cards. Click on them for the larger image.

Thursday, 6 March 2014

So now we finally have a domain name after two days of sweat and pain.  There was every chance the domain was going to be "lost" due to an admin error by the first company I tried to register this with, but it all worked out in the end.

Anyway Zombicide, why are we here ?

Well first and foremost what is the game about ?

It's about Zombies and generally killing them while collecting objectives and having a bloody good time.  I was planning on spending several hours making a nice long video of the game for you all if you had not seen it, but whats the point ?

No, here is one that somebody has done for us so lets not reinvent the wheels of video, bad jokes and look at this How To Play video which will hopefully work depending on your platform by clicking on the icon below...

Originally before this was edited we had a lovely link to a YouTube video it was a picture, but sadly this is not the Apple way as Safari just leaves a blank area of nothing you you have to make do with the picture above.

However, in the spirit of actually having something other then text on the page, it is worth noting that Zombicide is a very customisable game.

As we have been talking about Apple, here is a custom hero card that can be used of a man that was may have once been indirectly or perhaps directly, responsible for making a choice that my embedded video would no longer work!

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Welcome to the Board of the Dead, a blog for among other things the fantastic Zombicide  by Guillotine Games.  ( )

Zombicide is a turn based game with co-operate gameplay played on a board.  The object is to generally collect things, survive and kill Zombies.  Lots of them...

Lots of custom options are available for this game from missions, character cards, house rules and pretty much anything the community can think of.

This blog is a journey into this game and perhaps some other related games of this type.