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Zombicide – Égouts de la Mort

"In the sewers - nobody can hear you scream..."

We fought them on the streets, we fought in the prison and even had a chance to go to the mall, but still they came.  Rising from hell like an endless torrent of filth and death.  The time has come to take the battle to them and we fight them in the umbilical cord to hell…

…we will fight them in the sewers.

From the mind that brought you “Zombicide – Gangs and Looters”, welcome to this unofficial ruleset expansion for Zombicide that adds a whole new concept of warfare against the legions of darkness, or at least zombies.  This takes the fight to the sewers against the undead.

This add on uses a whole new modular tile set that is not published by Guillotine Games or CMON but fits perfectly. 

Coming soon, to a forum near you...

Wednesday, 2 July 2014